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Elbano de Nuccio is a Chartered Accountant, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Registered Auditor with a Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) and a doctoral degree in Economics (PHD).
University Professor, Ph.D. and University Researcher in Business Administration – University of Bari Lum Jean Monnet
He supports businesses by providing them with advisory and assistance in managing out-of-court and judicial procedures in connection to the risk of bankruptcy, insolvency, coordinating restructuring and debt consolidation transactions, as well as reorganisation processes for companies in financial distress. He aids corporations in the preliminary, executing and winding-up stage of insolvency proceedings. He produces certifications on the feasibility of debt restructuring transactions within recovery plans, restructuring agreements and proposed compositions with debtors.
He assists his customers – domestic and international industrial, commercial and financial companies, banking groups alongside their stakeholders – in civil proceedings whose objects are damage claims or valuations of corporate assets in a general sense, and in criminal litigations.
His expertise covers economic and accounting matters relating to banking transactions, financial instruments, contracts of carriage and agency agreements, valuations of specific assets or of businesses in their entirety, real estate, transport, publishing, food, new economy and fashion.
He carries out counselling activities when verifying the technical aspects of liability actions against directors and statutory auditors, and the existence of conditions for corporate crimes and insolvency.
He has wealth of experience, including wide valuation expertise and specifically business advice (commercialbusiness advice, business planning, succession planning, management consulting, business re-structuring, annual financial statements, management reporting, asset protection), corporate transactions (expert reports, valuations, litigation support), tax consulting and compliance(corporate tax, corporate compliance).
He has published and presented many papers on a variety of accounting issues. He works as a tax consultant too with several companies in Italy and abroad.

Professional activity

The professional activity of Elbano De Nuccio covers the diverse professional domains that characterize the profession of Dottore Commercialista, including the following:

  • Owner of a professional practice as Dottore Commercialista and statutory auditor with multi-year experience in business administration, corporate advisory services, accounting, taxation and financial advisory for private companies and public sector entities operating at national and international level and planning and management control.
  • Member of the Audit Committee (Collegio Sindacale) of several limited and public companies
  • Member or President of the Board of Directors of several companies and public sector entities
  • Advisor on accounting, taxation and labor matters to public sector entities
  • Trustee in bankruptcy in insolvency proceedings

Academic Activities

  • Professor, Ph.D. and University Researcher in Business Administration – University of Bari Lum Jean Monnet
    He has been often appointed by the Ministry of Education, University and Research as full member of the committee for the examination of would-be Dottori Commercialisti at the State examination

Institutional appointments

  • Technical advisor to the Italian member on IESBA – IFAC
  • President of the Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti and Esperti Contabili of Bari, local branch of the Italian profession (ODCEC). In his role as President, and also in his previous role as Secretary Council Member, he has been engaged in all the diverse areas of the profession, from ethics to the development of the profession, from disciplinary proceedings to operations and financial administration of the entity, from relations with relevant institutions to the compliance of the entity with relevant regulations and laws.
  • Member of Public Sector Entities Committee of CNDCEC (2006-2008)
  • Member of SIDREA (Italian Association of Professors of Accounting and Business Administration)
  • Member of the Executive board of OIC (Organismo Italiano di Contabilità), the Italian Accounting Standard Setter. The Executive Board is the body responsible for the management and technical activity of the Foundation; the Board issues the national accounting standards, determines the position to be taken on matters concerning international accounting standards, and proposes to the Supervisory Board the guidelines for enhancing cooperation with those bodies engaged in the drawing up of international accounting standards. The Board consists of a minimum of nine and a maximum of nineteen members, expert on the specific financial and economic sectors in which the accounting standards are applied.

What is the role of OIC in Italy?
The OIC (Organismo Italiano di Contabilità) was formed in 2001 as a registered Foundation, in response to the need perceived by the main private- and public -sector parties to establish a National Standard Setter that would be able to appropriately represent and voice national opinions on accounting matters.
The OIC Founders include Organisations that represent the main parties involved in financial reporting. Current members are:

  • for the accounting and auditing profession: the Assirevi, the Consiglio Nazionale dei Dottori Commercialisti ed Esperti contabili;
  • for the preparers: the Abi, the Andaf, the Ania, the Assilea, the Assonime, the Confagricoltura, the Confcommercio, the Confcooperative, the Confindustria and the Lega delle Cooperative;
  • for the users, the Aiaf, the Assogestioni and the Centrale dei Bilanci;
  • for the financial markets, the Italian Stock Exchange.
    The Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and the Sector Regulatory Authorities (Bank of Italy, Consob – as Stock Exchange oversight authority – and ISVAP for insurance companies) support the project and activities of OIC.

The governance structure of OIC is composed of a Board of Founders, a Supervisory Board, an Executive Board and a Board of Auditors.

Selected recent publications

  • “Losses and Reserves from Fair Value in the Financial Statements”, published in Atti dei Colloqui Baresi di Diritto Commerciale, Sabino Fortunato and Eustachio Cardinale, Giappichelli Editore
  • “The Structure of the German Banking System”, Cacucci Editore
  • “The Substance over Form Principle in Finance Leases”, Ipsoa Wolters Kluwer Italia
  • “Business Combinations in Compliance with IFRSs “Purchase Method”
  • “Redesigning the Accountancy Profession: Lesson learnt from the Global Financial Crisis”, Il Sole 24 Ore Editore

He regularly publishes professional articles on Italian financial magazines and is member of the scientific committee of the Magazine “Accounting, Finance and Control”, Milan, Sole 24 Ore Editore.

Some recent issues on seminars, post-graduate masters and congresses

  • “Selected Issues of International Taxation as International Law” organised by the University of Bari and the New York University with the participation of Prof. H. David Rosenbloom
  • The new Code of Ethics EU Financing 2007/2013 and countering fraud in structural funds
  • The fair management of EU funds, as instruments to foster growth and financial development of the regional areas and of SMEs
  • The role of the internal independent supervisory bodies in a company’s crisis